The Diaspora of Better Half

The Diaspora of Better Half

Surprised, don’t be, because it is an existing phenomenon in today’s world of rapid change, where people are wandering here and there to find their Better Half Online. No doubt, Mankind has evolved with the passage of time, whether the search of light, the curiosity to fly, and to explore what nature has to offer. But, no one will deny the fact that in the last thirty years, the internet has changed our lifestyle. Hardly, the world mastered the change, brought by the internet, evident by the fact that Internet Penetration rates around the world on average are around 58% approx.  [i]. Yet, we encountered another paradigm shift in our lives via the introduction of the Smart Phone which means that today the world is in your hand.

In the last ten years, the Smart Phone has offered us so much that we find it hard today to live without it. Whether it is your social circle, lifestyle, finance, fitness, or else, every sphere of life has been altered significantly. Having said that, how we can imagine that finding someone special would not have been changed. Yes, we are talking about the industry of around $ 1,958 million in the year 2019, which has been projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6% resulting in a market volume of $ 2,471 million. However, around $912 million has alone been generated in the USA alone.[ii]  According to an estimate, there are around more than 7,500 online matchmaking /dating apps around the globe[iii]. The industry has reached its maturity stage, and new entrants can only penetrate it by finding a better niche, and one such niche is the Muslim Population Segment.

With around 1.8 billion Muslims spread across the world, one estimate suggests that around 30% of the population consists of singles Muslims i.e. the Total Addressable Market of 540 million available to explore. It is pertinent to mention that most of the solutions available to this niche are based on Geo-Location Feature i.e. the online matchmaking app finds one’s potential counterpart which is nearest to him. It appears to be a good solution as you can find anyone near you who is also looking for a match, but our culture, traditions and especially the end result of getting married is a long hassle. One may face issues of fake identities, false promises, domestic issues, etc. So, there is a need for a solution that counters these issues during your journey of online soul search.

We are fortunate to live in this era, where problems have a temporary nature. Muslim Better Half ( is a startup that aims to provide a solution that solves your major problems of online matchmaking. With their Unique Value Preposition of finding the better half, not only based on your location but the AI-powered Compatibility Algorithm which gives you the best match available to the filter criteria of your choices. One just has to answer the questions beautifully crafted by US-based Couple Therapists to ensure that you don’t miss the key question which you wish to find in your better half. This is just one part of their value proposition.

The other half is the solution to the problem which young Muslims face around the world in general. It is our tradition to respect our elders, parents/guardians. It is a norm among our society that this important decision of life is taken by the guardian of the family. Though Islam does not condone forcing a female to marry against her will, cultural practices, lack of education yields the result that guardian enforces their decisions. This is one of the reasons divorce rates are on a rise among Muslim societies too. So, what is the solution? The answer of this question lies in the other half of the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Muslim Better Half. Now, not only the singles can register their profiles, but even guardians can benefit from it by registering themselves as guardian, and upon finding their best match, they can refer that profile to their loved ones. Thus, this not only ensures the satisfaction of the Islamic Principle, but the singles can accept or deny the match. We all are aware that how hard it is in our society to find a match, by referring to our friends, family, and even the marriage bureaus which charge for their services handsome money. So, what will be your rational choice, whether to try the old ways, waiting for a match for months, paying huge fees to marriage bureaus? Or Register yourself to Muslim Better Half for free, select the premium options if you want, set your filter criteria, and let the Algorithm do the work.


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